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As a photographer I love the variety of what I get to do. One day I shoot a wedding, next day I shoot a birth and the next day an event. If you have any questions about a specific photography need don’t hesitate to let me know and we can chat more!

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I shot my first wedding back in 2009 and absolutely fell in love with the exciting, fast-pace type of shooting situation that a wedding can be. I have shot so many different weddings as they are so many different couples. No wedding is the same and I absolutely love that about it!

I want to get to know my couples better so I always encourage an engagement session (I’ve included them in all but the first package). It’s so important to be comfortable and at ease with your photographer! Engagement session is a great practice run for the big day. Plus, everyone needs a new Facebook profile picture, am I right?

But for realz. I’m a romantic comedy kind of girl. I love love. I love happy endings. To me weddings are a celebration of you finding your best friend. The one that gets you (most of the time, anyway) and the one that has your back. You made it. You found the one who will get you medicine when you’re sick and the one who goes to see Tori Amos with you because he knows you’re like a hard core fan (thanks, husband). It feels just right. And my favourite romantic comedy: The Wedding Singer.


I think there’s nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. The sacrifice that goes into making (and let’s face it: raising) a human being is so beautiful and humbling.

Maternity sessions are my absolute favorites because there’s so much anticipation and excitement happening. You wonder how your little one will look like, how the baby is going to grow up, you have so much hope for them to have a fulfilled and happy life. Even though your baby hasn’t been born yet, you have such a strong, love-filled bond with your little baby.

It’s beautiful to witness and I’m also so honored to capture such a special and tender state in someone’s life.


Us women (and of course men too) deserve to feel confident in our bodies and so beautiful. We’re just right the way we are and let’s celebrate it with a photo shoot! I promise you I’ll make you feel beautiful and these images will be the confidence boost you certainly deserve. And you don’t have to do a boudoir shoot JUST because you want to gift it to your significant other. You can do it just for yourself.

I prefer to shoot Boudoir-sessions in the comfort of your home for a few reasons. First of all, you’re the most comfortable in your own space. You also get a lot more variety.


Since I’m a mama myself to a vibrant and energetic toddler I get that family and kiddo photography (especially when the little ones are young) has to be on the kids terms. What would your kids love to do? Would they like to run around in a park and feel like the photography experience is easy going and fun? You bet! That’s what I try my best to make it be! Let’s say your little one didn’t get a nap. No problem! Let’s take a break, have some snacks and re-group and get back to shooting.

I always schedule extra time for my family and kiddo sessions just so we have time to roam around and get to know each other.

For me my family portraits I have hanging in my house are my absolutely favorite of all the portraits I have. My little family of 3 makes me the happiest and I happen to think my girl is the sweetest, most beautiful creature on this earth. Seeing her smiling little face framed on my wall just makes me so proud to call her mine. And still I can’t believe I was blessed with a daughter. She was so prayed for.


The day my daughter was born was the most important day I’ve had so far in my life. It was the day I got to meet, hold her, tell her how much I loved her and my heart literally never knew before then the kind of fierce love a mom could feel for her child.

To me birth photography is one of the most emotion-filled occasions I can ever shoot. The variety of feelings that you get to capture as a photographer is astonishing and rewarding. I always stay silent and capture births as much from a photo-journalistic stand point as I can. I’m there to capture what’s happening in the most beautiful way. Your significant other doesn’t have to worry about getting the shot. I’ll get the shot. Your partner can be there to support you in whatever way you need.

These will be images that you will cherish forever. And frankly, you’re a woman hero. Your body grew this child and your body delivered that child. Honestly, there should be trophies given to women. We’re pretty much rockstars!

Clients Say...


We couldn't have chose a better sidekick to accompany us on our big day! Hanna is sooo sweet, upbeat, and talented! She has a very unique, unconventional approach that was a perfect match for us on our wedding day! She made the whole experience so fun and we were so comfortable with her. Our photos turned out better than we could have imagined. And there are TONS of great shots! She's become a great friend of ours and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer. She's truly gifted and passionate about her work!!!

Sara B.

I absolutely would not change one thing about our wedding, Hanna as our photographer! She was so fun and creative and captured every wonderful moment of our wedding plus more. My husband and I didn't want your everyday pictures that your mom can take. We wanted something that we would display and cherish forever. That's exactly what we got, incredible pictures! If asked, I would recommend Hanna Salonen Photography every single time.

Jessica T.

I was ready to send in my contract to another photographer the day I met Hanna...and it changed everything! I automatically felt so comfortable with her and realized "This is who I want to be around me ALL day!" Wedding pictures were #1 on my list of wants for our wedding as I am the person who could spend hours online looking up different photographers. We did both and engagement and all day wedding shoot with Hanna, and it was amazing! I had so much fun with and the end result was above and beyond my wildest dreams! First of all she got us the final pictures in an amazing amount of time, and the coloring in the photos....amazing! Everyone at our wedding truly fell in love with Hanna, so much so that she is now shooting my cousin's wedding next June. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!!!

Brittany S.